Stone Art

protective love; something that always was... always.

About Studio

People call me an Artist. I believe I'm more of a poet paying tribute to Rembrandt...

Marc Stamas
Stone Art Protective Love evolved into an emotional and unexpected piece of work. This was no fluke as my world would soon come crashing down as tragedy has a way that brings out passion and expression.
With that, I remain a mystery and when people ask me about Stone Art, I just tell them that it's repetitive Déjà vu, we already did this because time doesn't exist-- R+KC+I ♥    Read More...

Stone Art

Art is not about me, it's about coming together like Hemingway from that 1920's era. R+KC+I ♥

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Stone Art
Protective Love

Make you feel!

Breathe, breathe me in, taste my words, let me blow your mind. I will take you far, far away... R+KC+I ♥

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Frozen in time

Pretty Thoughts!

I have the ability to identify with the dichotomy of Heaven and Hell. R+KC+I ♥

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Rose dipped in gold
Her soft touch